15 Restaurants You Need To Try In Jerusalem

15 Restaurants you need to try in Jerusalem

Embarking on a culinary journey through Jerusalem, Israel is like delving into a rich tapestry of flavors that mirror the city’s diverse history and cultural influences. Israeli cuisine is a captivating fusion of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and North African elements, brought together in a symphony of taste that caters to every palate. From vibrant markets overflowing with fresh produce to cozy, family-run eateries and upscale fine dining establishments, Jerusalem boasts a vibrant culinary scene that leaves no taste bud untouched. Join us as we explore 15 of the city’s must-try restaurants, each offering a unique gastronomic experience that’s bound to enchant and satisfy.

In Jerusalem, dining isn’t just about satisfying your hunger; it’s about immersing yourself in a sensory experience that marries ancient traditions with modern innovation. As you wander through the city’s labyrinthine streets, you’ll find a diverse range of dining establishments, from bustling falafel stands to chic bistros that reinterpret traditional dishes. When identifying an authentic restaurant, keep an eye out for bustling crowds of locals, a bustling atmosphere, and an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Price points can vary, with street food and local eateries offering affordable options, while upscale establishments offer exquisite dining experiences at a higher cost.

1. Tsemach – A Culinary Spectacle at the Heart of Jerusalem’s Shuk

Location: Mahane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem
Dishes to Try: Grilled “Jerusalem Mix,” Silan-Glazed Lamb Chops
Price: $$$$

Mahane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem
Mahane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem

Immerse yourself in the heart of Mahane Yehuda Market at Tsemach, a culinary gem that captures the essence of Jerusalem’s vibrant energy. The Grilled “Jerusalem Mix” is a carnivore’s delight, offering a medley of perfectly cooked meats that pay homage to local flavors. Don’t miss the Silan-Glazed Lamb Chops, a succulent dish that marries sweet and savory notes. The restaurant’s dynamic ambiance, with its open kitchen and bustling surroundings, creates an authentic and festive experience. Reservations are essential, ideally made well in advance to secure a front-row seat to this culinary spectacle.

2. Hachapuria – A Georgian Delight in the German Colony

Location: 17 Emek Refaim Street, Jerusalem
Dishes to Try: Khachapuri, Khinkali
Price: $$

Transport your taste buds to Georgia at Hachapuria, where traditional Georgian dishes take center stage. The khachapuri, a cheesy bread boat filled with gooey goodness, is a star of the menu. Pair it with khinkali, Georgian dumplings, for a satisfying meal. The restaurant’s cozy ambiance and warm hospitality make it a perfect spot for a casual evening. While reservations aren’t always necessary, they’re recommended during peak hours to secure a table.

3. Azura – A Hidden Gem of Sephardic Flavors

Location: 4 Ha-Eshkol Street, Jerusalem
Dishes to Try: Moroccan fish, Majadera
Price: $

Tucked away in the heart of the Muslim Quarter, Azura is a culinary oasis offering a taste of Sephardic cuisine. The Moroccan fish, cooked in a fragrant tomato-based sauce, is a standout. Don’t miss the Majadera, a comforting dish of lentils and rice. The unassuming ambiance and communal tables enhance the experience of dining like a local. Reservations aren’t required, but arriving early is recommended to secure a spot at this popular spot.

4. Eucalyptus – Elevating Ancient Jerusalem Flavors

Location: 14 Hativat Yerushalayim Street, Jerusalem
Dishes to Try: Stuffed chicken with chestnuts, Jerusalem mixed grill
Price: $$$$

Eucalyptus brings historical flavors to life with its focus on biblical ingredients and traditional recipes. The stuffed chicken with chestnuts pays homage to centuries-old cooking techniques, while the Jerusalem mixed grill captures the essence of the city. The restaurant’s charming garden setting provides an intimate backdrop for indulging in culinary delights. Advanced reservations are recommended, especially for outdoor seating during the pleasant months.

5. Machane Yehuda Market – A Culinary Adventure Amid Market Bustle

Machane Yehuda Market

Location: Agripas Street, Jerusalem
Dishes to Try: Freshly shucked oysters, Authentic Moroccan couscous
Price: $$

Machane Yehuda Market isn’t just a market; it’s a sensory overload of colors, aromas, and tastes. As you explore the bustling lanes, make sure to indulge in the freshly shucked oysters for a briny delight. For a more substantial meal, savor the Authentic Moroccan couscous, a symphony of spices and textures. The vibrant atmosphere and lively energy are quintessential Jerusalem experiences. No reservations are required; simply let your cravings guide you through this culinary maze.

Machane Yehuda Market
Machane Yehuda Market
Machane Yehuda Market

6. M25 – A Hip Fusion of Culinary Styles in Nahalat Shiv’a

Location: 4 Koresh Street, Jerusalem
Dishes to Try: Lamb Kebab Tacos, Jerusalem Schnitzel Burger
Price: $$

M25 seamlessly blends Middle Eastern and Western flavors, crafting unique dishes that resonate with modern tastes. The Lamb Kebab Tacos offer a creative twist on classic street food, while the Jerusalem Schnitzel Burger reinvents a local favorite. The restaurant’s contemporary urban vibe is perfect for the millennial and Gen Z crowd. While reservations are recommended, walk-ins are often welcome for an impromptu dining experience.

7. Tala Hummus & Falafel – Artisanal Flavors in the Heart of the Old City

Location: 21 Al-Wad Street, Jerusalem
Dishes to Try: Hummus with Shawarma, Falafel Platter
Price: $

Tala Hummus & Falafel is a charming gem tucked within the Old City walls, offering a delectable array of Middle Eastern delights. The hummus, creamy and rich, paired with tender shawarma is a match made in culinary heaven. The falafel platter introduces your palate to crispy bites of goodness. The rustic ambiance and vibrant surroundings provide an authentic backdrop for savoring time-honored flavors. No reservations are needed; simply follow the aroma and dive into a traditional feast.

8. Moshiko Falafel – Street Food Delights with a Contemporary Twist

Location: Various locations in Jerusalem
Dishes to Try: Gourmet Falafel Wrap, Loaded Sweet Potato Fries
Price: $

Moshiko Falafel

For a taste of Jerusalem’s culinary heritage with a modern touch, look no further than Moshiko Falafel. Their Gourmet Falafel Wrap presents a harmonious blend of flavors and textures that resonate with today’s discerning palates. Venture into something new with the Loaded Sweet Potato Fries, a delightful fusion of sweet and savory. The relaxed street-food ambiance welcomes all those seeking authentic flavors, making it a must-visit for those exploring Jerusalem’s culinary scene. No reservations are necessary; simply follow your taste buds to one of their conveniently located spots across the city.

Moshiko falafel Jerusalem

9. Hamiznon – Innovative Street Food Delights in Mahane Yehuda

Location: 9 Beit Yaakov Street, Jerusalem
Dishes to Try: Jerusalem Bagel Sandwiches, Shakshuka Fries
Price: $

Spice Market

Hamiznon captures the energy of Mahane Yehuda Market with its contemporary take on street food. The Jerusalem Bagel Sandwiches infuse local flavors into a beloved classic, while the Shakshuka Fries add a playful twist to a breakfast staple. The bustling market atmosphere and communal seating evoke a sense of camaraderie. No reservations are required; simply join the vibrant crowd for an impromptu feast.

10. Habash Ethiopian – A Global Culinary Journey in the Heart of Jerusalem

Habash Ethiopian Jerusalem

Location: 10 HaEshkol Street, Jerusalem
Dishes to Try: Veggie Combo Platter, Doro Wat
Price: $$

Habash Ethiopian Jerusalem

Embark on a unique gastronomic adventure at Habash Ethiopian, where the flavors of East Africa meld harmoniously with the cultural tapestry of Jerusalem. The Veggie Combo Platter is a mosaic of vibrant vegetables and lentils, offering a medley of tastes and colors. For a rich and aromatic experience, dive into the Doro Wat, a spicy chicken stew that’s a cornerstone of Ethiopian cuisine. The warm and inviting ambiance reflects the hospitality of Ethiopian traditions, making it a great spot for an intimate meal. Reservations are recommended, particularly during peak dining hours, to ensure a seat at this global culinary haven.

11. Focaccia Bar – Mediterranean Flavors in Ein Karem

Location: 15 Hama’ayan Street, Jerusalem
Dishes to Try: Grilled Eggplant Focaccia, Seafood Paella
Price: $$

Focaccia Bar in the charming neighborhood of Ein Karem is a Mediterranean oasis known for its artisanal bread creations. The Grilled Eggplant Focaccia is a vegetarian delight, while the Seafood Paella embodies the essence of the sea. The relaxed and cozy atmosphere is perfect for a leisurely lunch. Reservations are recommended, especially during weekends, to secure a spot in this cozy haven.

12. Adom – A Riverside Retreat in the First Train Station

Location: 3 Kaufmann Street, Jerusalem
Dishes to Try: Beef Short Ribs, Stuffed Portobello Mushroom
Price: $$$

Nestled within the bustling First Train Station complex, Adom offers a taste of sophistication with a scenic view. The Beef Short Ribs are tender and succulent, while the Stuffed Portobello Mushroom showcases a blend of flavors. The restaurant’s urban-industrial design creates a chic ambiance for a memorable meal. Booking a table in advance is recommended, especially if you’re aiming for outdoor seating.

13. Angelica – Modern Mediterranean Fusion in Nahalat Shiv’a

Location: 12 Shmuel Hanagid Street, Jerusalem
Dishes to Try: Seared Halloumi Salad, Grilled Octopus
Price: $$$


Angelica weaves together Mediterranean flavors and modern culinary techniques to create an unforgettable dining experience. The Seared Halloumi Salad is a vibrant start, while the Grilled Octopus offers a delightful exploration of textures. The contemporary and stylish décor sets the scene for a chic evening out. Reservations are advised, especially during peak dining hours.

14. Rama’s Kitchen – Organic Delights in the Jerusalem Hills

Location: Nataf, Jerusalem
Dishes to Try: Stuffed Kebab, Wood-Fired Pizzas
Price: $$$

Escape the city and venture into the scenic Jerusalem Hills to find Rama’s Kitchen, a rustic haven offering organic and locally sourced delights. The Stuffed Kebab is a savory revelation, and the Wood-Fired Pizzas showcase the simplicity of great ingredients. The restaurant’s pastoral charm and serene ambiance make it a perfect weekend getaway. Advanced reservations are recommended, especially for larger groups.

15. Rachmo – Humble Flavors with a Modern Twist in the Muslim Quarter

Location: 14 El Wad Street, Jerusalem
Dishes to Try: Maqluba, Pistachio Baklava
Price: $$

Rachmo captures the essence of traditional Palestinian cuisine with a contemporary flair. The Maqluba, a dish of layered rice, vegetables, and meat, is a harmonious symphony of flavors. Indulge in the Pistachio Baklava for a sweet finale. The restaurant’s intimate setting and warm hospitality create an authentic experience. While reservations aren’t mandatory, they’re recommended during peak dining hours.