Pust Sauna Tromso – A Must Try Scandinavian Spa

If you are heading to Tromso and want to try a Scandinavian spa – Pust Sauna Spa in Tromso, located in heart of Tromso, floating on the lake – is an amazing choice! But what exactly is a Scandinavian spa, and how do these differ from regular spas?A Scandanavian Spa, also called Nordic Sauna’s in Norway have a few key feautures differentiating them from regular spas. These include –

Pust Sauna Tromso

What is a Scandinavian Spa?

Emphasis on Thermotherapy: A key feature of Scandinavian spas is the practice of thermotherapy, which involves alternating between hot and cold treatments. You typically start by warming up in a hot sauna or steam room, then plunge into a cold bath or shower, and finally relax in a rest area. This cycle is often repeated several times.

Simplicity and Minimalism: The design and ethos of Scandinavian spas often reflect the Nordic principles of simplicity and minimalism. The focus is on creating a peaceful, uncluttered space that encourages relaxation and introspection.

Natural Settings: Scandinavian spas are usually located in natural, often picturesque environments. Think forests, lakes, or mountain settings. This connection with nature is a vital aspect of the experience, offering a serene and tranquil escape from daily life.

What are the benefits of a Scandanavian Spa

  • Boosts Circulation: Jumping into an ice bath after a hot sauna gets that blood flowing!
  • Eases Muscle Soreness: It’s like nature’s painkiller for those aching muscles.
  • Enhances Recovery: Great for bouncing back after a hike or a workout.
  • Kicks up Immunity: Gives your immune system a little wake-up call.
  • Energy Boost: You’ll feel super refreshed and energized.
  • Mental Clarity: There’s a reason it feels like a brain reset!
  • Builds Resilience: Regular cold dips can make you tougher against the cold.

How much is Nordic Spa?

Typically these can cost anywhere In the US, you’re looking at around $50 to $100 for a session of relaxation. How much you would spend in this range largely depends on how fancy the spa is.

Now, jetting over to Norway, things get a bit pricier. You might spend around 800 to 1200 Norwegian Kroner, which translates to approximately $85 to $130. However, you will most definitely find spots that are a cheaper if you look! In fact the famous Pust Spa Tromso that I tried cost as little as NOK 300/ USD$30.

Pust Sauna Tromso – A nordic Wellness Sauna

Pust Sauna Tromso- A Must Try Scandinavian Spa

After booking my flight to Norway, I was planning out what to see and do in Norway and interstingly, trying a nordic wellness sauna consistently came up as must do experience. Having never been to one before, I thought this would be the perfect place to try it. After a little google research I came across Pust Sauna Tromso, located in the heart of Tromso (also famous for excellent visibility of the Northern Lights!). Pust is a floating glass sauna right in the beautiful Tromso harbor, giving you this amazing snow covered mountain view, while you’re simmer in the sauna.

Pust Sauna Tromso – What to expect

Pust Sauna Tromso- A Must Try Scandinavian Spa

The Sauna is automated and the experience is seemlessly designed. Before you arrive at Pust, you will recieve a code giving you access to the changing rooms and sauna. Inside there are lockers and changing rooms on either side for male and females. Once ready, you will enter the beautiful glass sauna. Heat up here and enjoy the magnnificant view of the lake and snow covered mountains. Its a serene and majestic feeling sitting in here.

Next, you step outside and jump (or in my case dip) into the arctic lake, there in an enclosed area for Pust visitors just outside the glass sauna. This was the tough part for me, but each time I went in I tried to stay longer and longer. I would say this was not my favourite part of the experience, but the adrenline rush and invirograting feeling afterwards is completelty worth it! Plus, it’s a great spot to meet both locals and travelers. We found ourselves chatting with locals and tourists alike inside Sauna, and learnt from local that Pust actually means breathe in Norwegian, which is what you need to remember to do when immersed in the arctic waters!

Pust Sauna Tromso Booking

Pust Tromso booking

I recomend booking the pust sauna in advance at least a week before you intend to visit, especially during peak season which is January – March. Bookings are made by the hour, for a 60 min session. Each session has a maximum capacity of 15-20 people. These get filled up pretty quickly, given the popularity of the sauna and its iconic location floating in tromso harbour overlooking the mountains!

Pro tip: If you’re looking for a quieter time to enjoy your nordic spa experience, the sauna sessions start as early as 6am and run till 11pm, so opt to book a early / late session. I would recomend a late session in winter if you are hoping to see the Northern Lights in Tromso on a given evening!

Pust cafe

Pust Café is located in the heart of Tromsø City and is a part of the ‘pust family,’ which includes the beautiful sauna in Tromsø’s harbor. The café is a vibrant cultural hub and offers a variety of experiences such as brunch plates, coffee, yoga, sourdough pizzas, natural wines, and great music. It’s a place where you can relax and create lasting memories, whether on your own or with friends. The café’s atmosphere is complemented by live jam sessions, creative workshops, and even yoga and meditation classes, making it a perfect spot to unwind after a sauna session. The café is situated at Skippergata 1C in Tromsø, which is a separate location, but very close to the Pust Sauna. For more information, you can visit their website at Pust Kafé.

Tromso Sauna Etiquette

Floating Sauna

Some common swedish sauna etiquette it helps to know and follow especially if its your first time.

  • Shower First: Always take a shower before entering the sauna.
  • Use a Towel: Sit on a towel for hygiene reasons.
  • Quiet Please: Keep conversations low and to a minimum; saunas are for relaxation.
  • Listen to Your Body: Leave the sauna if you feel too hot or uncomfortable.
  • Respect Personal Space: Maintain a respectful distance from others.
  • No Photography: Avoid taking pictures to respect others’ privacy.
  • Hydrate: Drink water before and after your sauna session to avoid any dehydration.

As a tourist, I though the experience may be a little intimidating in a foreign country, but this was not the case at all! Our floating sauna on Tromso harbour was a mix of young locals and tourists alike. It was a good way to engage and chat with the locals and find out more about where to go in the area.

Nordic Sauna Tromso – What to pack

The following are generally all that you need to bring with you.

All saunas will have changing rooms and lockers to store your belongings.

  • Swimsuit and Flip-Flops: Ideal for comfortably walking around the spa.
  • Water Bottle: Essential to stay hydrated throughout your visit.
  • Robe or Towel: Some spas offer them, but having your own is great.
  • Skincare Products: To care for your skin post-sauna.
  • Headphones: For relaxing music or meditation during downtime.
  • Portable Charger: Keep your devices charged.
  • Hair Ties/Clips: Handy for managing hair during treatments.
  • Eco-Friendly Tote Bag: Carry your items sustainably.
  • Camera or Phone: Capture memories, but respect spa rules and privacy.